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By using Bitcoin Cash Name Service, users can efficiently manage their Bitcoin Cash.

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Paying will be just like greeting

BCNS (Bitcoin Cash Name Service) can turn complex wallet addresses, such as "qpluk2vl89hdxeyflnx643h9pxxvzc2..." into something yourname.bch!

Users only have to know other’s name to transfer Bitcoin Cash. It would be like - Hey Bryan, here’s your pocket money.

Hands on building your business

BCNS could be more than your crypto wallet - it could be the fundamental of your business! From website url to wallet address, all you need is a single name to get your business ready.

What’s .bch?

BCNS (Bitcoin Cash Name Service), a protocol implementation that based on the open-source Bitcoin code. It aims to enhance the user experience for managing Bitcoin Cash and represents as a DWeb domain name.

human-readable identity

A Bitcoin Cash Name Service for connecting IPFS hash, smart contract, and wallet address.




Bitcoin Cash Wallet Address


Smart Contract Address



BCNS standard employs smart contracts to store and retrieve domain records created by their owners.


Allocating and registering decentralized domain names to users.


Mapping from any registered domain name to the resolver.


Performing resource lookup for a domain name. For instance, returning a contract address, a wallet address, or an IPFS hash.

Get involved in other BCNS-related Services.

BNS Explorer

WHOIS for BCNS. Users can search for BCNS-related information such as owner, expiration date, bidding details and more.

Domain Manager

User interface for managing, transferring and connecting BCNS. Users can use to bind their crypto wallet, Dweb, and so on.


A marketplace for BCNS. Users can buy, bid and sell their Bitcoin Cash Domain Names seamlessly.

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